We believe the most beneficial relationships are honest, direct and personal. That's why we work with you directly every step of the way and support you for as long as you need us. The process to having your own workLIFE network usually takes four to eight weeks depending on your specific needs.


We work with your team to identify where workLIFE will improve the day-to-day work-lives of your people. We identify the various processes and system you have in place and find ways to streamline. We also work with your design team (or ours) to create a totally customized, brand-inspired version of workLIFE. Our goal is to understand your business so that we develop the optimal solution that flows and grows with your company.

  • 1 - 2 weeks


We set up your own version of workLIFE and implement all the customizations. This includes configuring the layout and features, implementing the look-and-feel, incorporating additional customizations, and integrating third party applications.

  • 2 - 4 weeks


We import your data, resources, employees, and other information to and get the site up and running quickly. We work with your administrators to test and train them on the system and help you get your people onboard.

  • 1 - 2 weeks


We fully support workLIFE after launch and guarantee 99.999% uptime so you can focus on taking care of business. WorkLIFE's social-media inspired design means your team will begin participating right away while your custom version of workLIFE quickly becomes the focal-point of your company and your peoples' working lives.

We are constantly improving the workLIFE network by updating the system, developing new features, work-flow and application integrations. Updates are made to your worLIFE version automatically, and new features are optional and most are offered with no additinal fees.

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